A Review of Film Camera Brands

Digital photography innovations have soared in recent years and have relegated film camera brands to the background. Users who have stuck to film camera brands have done so for a variety of reasons and the long lifespan is one that cannot be disputed.

Major film camera producers have shrunk their output over the last decade and a few brands can be found on the shelf despite the downturn. The regularity of the film quality in a 35mm output is the same across all brands, unlike what you find in digital brands. The longevity of a film camera is such that after 30 years, you can still find the same crisp outcomes as you will find in a brand new camera.

Further insight into new or old models of film camera brands that you can source from is on here through various sources.

The (SLR) Single Lens Reflex -35mm Film Camera

The SLR camera is probably the most reviewed film camera in the marketplace and it requires learning of techniques and basic tips on photography if you are a beginner. Most of the brands utilize the 35mm film although there are advanced versions wired on SLR configurations.

On the 35mm SLR camera, you will find:

  • An automatic mirror system programmed to enable the photographer to view images as plainly as the lens does without the parallax error. Parallax error represents the gap between what the viewfinder presents to the photographer and what is eventually captured by the camera lens.
  • That the need for adjustment of the camera lens as a result of the side placement of the viewfinder was eliminated.
  • That entry of light is through the lens, viewfinder and the refraction of 2 angular mirrors inbuilt to the camera.
  • That the mirrors flip-up as a photo is taken allowing the film to get exposed to light via the lens.
  • That the film is in a light-tight mode as a result of the shutter which stays closed unless the shutter button is released.
  • Interchangeable film camera operation for desired angles, zooms and distance are possible through the lens and the complete interchangeable lens feature is a ground norm of the 35mm SLR.

Common 35mm SLR Camera Brands

 Nikon FM10

The Nikon was originally marketed as a beginner pick on the list of 35mm film camera brands; it utilizes batteries to power its light meter mechanism and is manually operated.

Canon EOS-1v

This long-standing entrant on the list of 35mm film camera brands comes with complete automated and controls that makes it fitting for professional use

(Konica) Minolta X-700

If you click the website above, you won’t see any of Minolta film cameras anymore. However, the Minolta model is a trusted ambassador of 35mm film camera brands although it is no longer produced; it was designed for professional use. It had a manual focus feature with a light meter that is characteristically seen through-the-lens, as well as automatic exposure, and an aperture priority,

Nikon F6

This Nikon brand is a gadget for professional photographers and it comes with fully automated exposures and controls with manual option.

35mm Range-Finder Camera

The range-finder cameras are structured like those common disposable film cameras you come across at the local stores although they once held the reins as the standard before the advent of the SLR brands.

  • This camera also has a side-positioned viewfinder which is placed atop the camera lens thereby leading to parallax errors.
  • It is a perfect fit for objects at a distance but works poorly at close range.
  • To override parallax view means that camera has to be moved until it gets a better view, although this still does not compensate for close-ups
  • For beginners, this camera will be a hard sell as it is harder to grasp its best-fit positions and placing.

Common 35mm Range-Finder Camera Brands

Vivitar 3800N

The Vivitar was designed as a 35mm film camera that suits entry-level photographers and it comes with a set of manually cooperated controls. It also has a light meter seen through the lens but is battery operated.

Holga 120 Series

This low-quality camera is built in medium format and is encased in plastic.

Mamiya C Series

This medium format camera comes with a twin-lens reflex feature. You can also find the interchangeable lens quality here and is fitting for close-ups.

If you are looking to find the best brands, you can’t go wrong with the top three choices. If you are wondering about how to load a film in analog camera no worries. These 35mm film cameras may be hard to find, you can still get them here. These won’t break your bank. Give it a try!

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