Canon AE 1 35 MM Film Camera

If you are in the market for a manual SLR camera, then the Canon AE 1 35mm Film Camera might be the right selection for you. We will take a look at the features that are included with this camera and the pros and cons of having an older camera, as well as some similar types of cameras that can be compared to this one. When making this type of purchase there are many points to consider before making a decision.

By the end of the review, you should have a good deal more information and a general idea if this is the right camera for your needs.


  • This camera has five controls so that you can fine tune the settings to exactly whatever your environment and style of photography demands.
  • The camera is lightweight and weighs 2.4 pounds.
  • The Canon AE 1 uses 35 mm film.
  • The camera has a 1:1.8 lens.
  • The camera uses 1 lithium battery to enable operation.


  • This model of camera has enjoyed great popularity over the years since its release. One of the reasons for this is the fact that there are plenty of controls that allow you to manually adjust filters and focus so that you can get the perfect shot for whatever your environment may be. You can create fantastic and professional looking photographs with the Canon AE 1 camera.
  • This is a great camera for those individuals that are just learning the finer points of photography or are taking a class in photography. It will help those that are still learning the art become familiar with lighting and angles as well as how to adjust the camera to different environments to get the best shot possible.
  • Film cameras will give a soft touch to photos that the cameras of today may not be able to achieve. They have their own special quality that film camera enthusiasts cherish.
  • This camera is lightweight and easy to handle when you are trying to position yourself for the perfect shot.
  • It features controls that will let you know if you need a tripod or if the shot is not in focus or if there is too much movement to get a clear shot.


  • The price of 35 mm film can be a bit high. Film cameras are not the cheapest option for taking pictures but the results are worth it if you are a fan of film cameras.
  • This camera may be a bit labor intensive for those individuals that are used to having a digital style camera that can automatically focus and adjust to the lighting of your surroundings. You have to control the focus and exposure manually which also means some time using the camera (and film) to learn how to get just the right effect. This may add up to time and money that may go into learning how to get the most out of the camera.
  • The camera is not as streamlined as some other cameras on the market may be. It is an older camera and does not look modern and sophisticated like some of the newer models may look. It is a matter of what the camera does have to offer versus the look of the camera. It is up to the user to decide if that is really a factor that should be considered before the purchase is made.
  • Repairs for this type of camera may be difficult because it is a bit outdated. You would have to find a place that specializes in these types of camera repairs if anything breaks. The cost of repairs may also be higher.


When compared to other cameras in its category, this particular model is quite a bit more popular than the others. We can also say that it is one of the best film cameras for beginners in 2021. The reason for this is because you can control every aspect of the photograph quite well once you learn how to use it correctly:

  • The Canon AE 1 35 MM is a great camera to start learning with and it takes very high-quality photographs that are actually more professional looking than many of the other film cameras in its class.
  • It has a few extra functions that people really like.
  • This film camera is also quite a bit cheaper than many of the other comparable cameras by several hundred dollars.
  • It offers overall better quality and price than a lot of 35 mm SLR cameras that are on the market.


I suggest that you do a good bit or research to determine if this is the right camera for your needs. It is older and may be hard to have repaired so that is something to keep in mind.

The film can also run up your costs when using this type of SLR camera. Film costs can quickly add up especially if you are just learning and going through a good deal of film to get the hang of using the product.

It also delivers softer style photographs so it doesn’t deliver the super crisp final product that the cameras of today can. It is more of a nostalgic type of quality.

If you are interested in learning the finer points of photography and feel like having to manually focus and perfect the frame are things that you want to learn then this particular camera is highly suggested for this type of use. Many photography students buy this type of camera just for this type of use. It is also fairly lightweight and not hard to use once you get used to the controls and nuances of this model. The price for this product is pretty good considering that many other cameras that are similar cost several hundred dollars more than the Canon AE 1.

Overall if you don’t mind the manual settings and like the idea of using 35 mm film then this is a good buy that you will be happy with for many years as these cameras have a history of holding up well.

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