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Canon EOS Rebel 2000 Photo Quality – Features – Lens

If we talk about the current times, there are numerous deals available to choose the best film cameras. However, none of them have the potential to beat the value of Early 2000s era Film SLR’s or late 90s. If we talk about the cameras like Canon Eos Rebel 2000, it comes with modern lenses and loaded features. Moreover, the camera picture quality is also extra-ordinary, like Nikon’s legendry cameras in the Current time, such as the F6 model.

Canon Eos rebel 2000 photos – features – lens

The Canon EOS Rebel 2000 cameras are suitable for Shooting. However, fashionable Instagram celebrities are not sought out for such cameras. So, what are the reasons that stack up the Canon Eos Rebel 2000 out there? Is it reasonable to spend on something better?

All of the questions might come into your mind. However, it would help if you understood that the rebel 2000 canon camera is ideal for those who already have Canon lenses. If you are a beginner, you should accept that rebel 2000 is the best camera to start the journey.

You have listened to all these beautiful talks about the rebel in 2000. However, it’s time to talk about the main things like photo quality, features, and all other essential things about this camera. So without any further ado, let’s start talking about it.


If we talk about the ergonomics perspectives of the camera, it does come in light plastic material. Therefore, the camera becomes one of the most beautiful and lightweight SLR in history. 

When you connect the 35-80 kit of Zoom Lens with the camera, you will get the outstanding midrange zooms in it. Still, the camera looks lighter than ever before after applying the lens on it. 

Pairing the Heavy lenses on this camera would be the most awkward situation for anyone. It would help if you understood that the camera itself is light. Therefore, putting anything heavy would make the front end heavier. 

It would help if you understood that the camera mount is in plastic material. Therefore, you need to take a lot of care whenever pairing a metal lens on it. So, it’s better to have the same plastic lens, which contains a lighter weight.

Canon EOS Rebel 2000 Features

The Canon Eos Rebel 2000 comes with unique features. It’s a lightweight and basic SLR that is pretty good at performing as the Automatic SLR does—the center of the frame is covered with a few spots, specifically for the autofocus system. 

It comes with advanced capabilities and settings for a full Auto-exposure. Moreover, the camera can easily read the DX code for the 35mm cartridges. If you have picked any Canon DSLR or SLR, you will get the settings pretty familiar.

Theirs is a red color L setting button, which is used to turn on/off the camera. Therefore, you wouldn’t get the standard On/Off button on the camera just like the new DSLR’s. Apart from that, it also comes with other mode options used for different situations. The photographers don’t know much about it.

You will also get a small LCD screen on the top side of the camera, which comes with its preset settings. Therefore, you don’t have to get into the numerical setting options just like the other Nikon models require. 

You have to choose the function buttons, which helps you switch between bracketing, remote control, and red-eye options. It contains a little arrow, which is pretty good to show very appropriate icons to you. 

The camera is intuitive, more comfortable, and doesn’t require the laminated guidelines, just like the Nikon Cameras do. 

Photo Quality

You have to understand that film camera have no differences in image quality, whether it’s the most expensive or cheaper. However, digital cameras do contain discrepancies.

The Canon Eos rebel 2000 can use the same lenses and film just like its parent camera series. The main differences you can expect in the SLR’s are it’s speed, toughness, and features. 

No one is shooting the sports with the films, so there is nothing you need to ask for the speed. Therefore, the real quality images you will be determinant for are the quality of lenses and skills you have learned.


In the Canon Eos Rebel 2000, the viewfinder doesn’t use a pentaprism. Instead of that, you can use a Pentamirror system. It contains a tiny but usable viewfinder. 

Canon Rebel 2000 doesn’t come with a luxurious appearance, yet, you will never get any problem using its viewfinder. It would help if you understood that the small SLR viewfinder is the game of the current time to beat and the best rangefinder viewfinder.

Lens Compatibility

The Canon Eos Rebel 2000 lenses come with a very robust feature and appearance. The flagship Canon’s lenses were all EOS until the canon’s mirrorless system recently advent. 

The EOS mount cameras are all compatible with the lenses. Therefore, all of your hurdles about the lenses ends here. You can easily connect the brand new L series glass lenses on your old SLR camera that comes in the plastic material. In the end, it will work pretty well with it.

However, the image stabilization and the vibration reduction may miss on it. However, the thing you should know that the camera will always give power to it. It would help if you did not place APS-C sized sensors; although it will mount, the camera will produce a lot of vignetting.

The bottom line is that canon had produced interchangeable lens systems. It comes with the “FD mount” capabilities. In the early 1990s, they scraped it. Now, the EOS and FD mount are not compatible. So, you will connect the FD lenses on your Canon EOS rebel 2000.


The Canon EOS rebel 2000 comes with excellent EOS system lenses endless libraries. Therefore, it’s a significant advantage of the camera. Apart from that, it can easily be paired with an equivalent light lens, which makes it the best travel camera. 

The camera is also useful if you want to start the photography journey as a beginner. Because it comes with outstanding features, Image quality, and other aspects. 

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