Canon EOS Rebel 2000 Review

The Canon Rebel EOS is a camera that assures you of professional quality outcome for your photographs. While many proven hands see it as a worthy device to own, some of the newer users may find it to be a great starter.

The [easyazon_link identifier=”B00001QEMF” locale=”US” tag=”camera78-20″]Canon Rebel[/easyazon_link] boasts of versatility as it allows you to go on automatic mode in full blast with the option of self-regulation, if that is the queue you desire to go with when you have this camera in your grasp. You will be free to modulate the aperture, shutter speed, and flash to your taste.

The Rebel comes with case-specific modes that you can explore for night shots, landscapes, automatic portraits, or full blown action shots. This camera also comes with the EF lens, thereby producing excellent print when images get rolled out from it.


My personal experience with the Rebel is all worth relishing, and it was effectively in use during the nuptials for my brother. After using this brand for a while, I can conclude that it is excellent for night pictures as its metering and flash modules ensures perfect exposures for the desired outcome.


Many professional photographers have good words for this camera and for a few who say it is not a worthy pick, I advise that they try one of the more versatile lenses on it for best effects. Sometimes, the outcomes you get might rest more on the accessories that accompany your photography and with dexterity, you are in good hands with this camera.

Many photographers are pleased by this device, and it is also favored due to its affordability and the lightweight. Having a hand on the manual controls gives you the perfect meter counts, which when used in summation with excellent auto functions, it comes in handy.

This Canon is configured on the 35mm SLR, which makes it fitting for the beginner as well as the experienced photographer. For most photographers, the presence of aperture priority functionalities and shutter speed moderation makes a camera a good buy. I concur with this view and if this defines your choice slate, then the Rebel does it well to deserve your look in.

While using some cameras, your focus will be on the middle frame selection but with the Rebel, you can use the LCD frame as a snap guide in order to focus on the far right by automatic setting. The autofocus mechanism here is primed for responsiveness and this offers seven points of focus you can align with when choosing your snap points.

You also have three metering modes for exposure, which revolves around the partial, evaluative and the center-weighted approach. The creative shooting edge for you as you photograph your points of interest is explosive on a positive note. You have the auto-bracketing and multi-exposure modes to play with as you like it.

Creative adjustments with the Rebel 2000 give you the perfect balance for exposure levels as part of the customization possibilities. You are allowed in tricky lighting situations to explore either of the two available full stops so that you can maneuver the metering position of the camera. Along with its pop-up flash which is delicately built-in, you can get an additional flash.

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”428″ identifier=”B00001QEMF” locale=”US” src=”https://filmcameraexpert.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/5175F8Q8J1L.jpg” tag=”camera78-20″ width=”500″]


  • Built-in retractable flash configured for full SLR AF functionality.
  • Improved functions for quiet operation and faster AF.
  • 7-point selectable autofocus system with 35mm metering methodology.
  • FE Lock, E-TTL, and sync modes of high speed that is compatible with Speedlites on EX-series.
  • 10 shooting modes as well as manual exposure for scaled metering along with remote control socket and depth-of-field preview functionalities
  • Exposure Bracketing, AE lock, and creative controls platform including multiple exposure options for your full photographic expedition.


The Rebel is housed in plastic and this makes it a frail gadget, as it poses delicate handling risks. Careful hands would have no fuss with it but a few others will lose it easily to manhandling.


The comfortable feel of the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00001QEMF” locale=”US” tag=”camera78-20″]Rebel 2000 is a good edge[/easyazon_link], which matches its smart design that is sure to catch your fancy. The other edge is that it is compatible with several EF lenses- thereby spoiling you for choice.

The Rebel runs on 35mm SLR configuration and is a good fit for beginners while experienced users will have good words about it. A bang for its aperture priority mode, it gives the buyer good value for its worth. Knowing how best to use the manual and automatic settings will give you the full hang of this gadget as you put it to use.

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