Nikon N75 35mm Film SLR Camera Review

Quick Overview





  • 3D metering
  • Can be used as point and shoot
  • Inbuilt flash
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Can control nodes 


  • Heavy for it's size
  • Small for big handed people

The Nikon N75 comes with a deceptive look, as the plastic mounts give it away as a gadget of no import, but its plastic rings and simple design is no drawback when it comes to its output. When you are about to use it, you need to remember to adjust its aperture and its lens; it comes as rotary in its function. In other words, you need to resize and adjust the filter as you focus to zoom in on your object of interest.

A few users get beat up over some of its annoying features, and the AF is a slow one when you try to get in focus. Light flares shoot up in daylight, so you need to watch out for this when using this camera.


This camera is light to handle and was built on a compact frame with some measure of versatility that is really enhanced. It works on five different modes although it is fully automated. The autofocus is an area of attention and it presents 5 different grids that you can use. The Nikkor lens is such that offers you 28-80mm outline, which leads to superior exposure capability.

When the film is loaded into this camera and it is misplaced somewhere, there will be a blink to show that the loading was not properly placed. There is a second blink that goes off when your film count is low. On the viewfinder, you will see this warning blink to let you know you should pause or get ready to load another film.

If you get used to the indicators on this Nikon N75, then you won’t miss a daring shot because of the blink that will notify you. When I first encountered the double blink, I wasn’t sure what it was, and this really distracted me until I called the technician who explained what I should look out for when it blinks.


Here are the N75 features at a glance

  • Considered as portable and easy to handle.
  • It is automated and simulates 5 different program modes.
  • Its 5 area coverage makes it good for sharper image output.
  • Comes with the revered Nikkor lens of 28-80mm description with f3.5-3.6 fitting.
  • Superior exposure as scenes can be captured in detail with its matrix metering of 3D configuration.


  • It is a durable camera that you can probably use for a lifetime as long as you get the spares and keep it maintained.
  • It is possible to deploy it for point and shoot scenarios, even if you are yet to fully grasp its functions.
  • The process of taking pictures is under control when you use the N75.
  • The flash is inbuilt and this looks great.
  • The metering is 3D and revolves around 25 points.
  • You can use and keep controlling the nodes as you snap.
  • It is a sturdy camera and comfortable to hold.


  • Considered weightier than similar products of other brands and it is not a compact fit that can slip away easily.
  • The size might fit well if you got small palms but bigger folks see it as awkward and I have heard these complaints when on photo expeditions. For an SLR, I think it is rather big; just that it has got more lightness than its size suggests. As they say “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”.
  • To get around the carrying around nag, you might need to get yourself a strap bag with its compact fit.


The Nikon N75 is fitted with Nikkor lens and as an SLR camera it has the added 5 grid feature that helps you autofocus on your point of interest with no fuss.

The double blink feature is one that stands this camera in good stead as it is meant to help the user know when the film is wrongly placed and also, when the film count gets to the ebb.

As a good pick for starters, this camera with SLR configuration is a sell-out at the local camera stores not just for price, but also for its hands-on experience, which is pretty much to a boot camp. If you get around the N75 successfully, the chances are that you will maneuver your way around other camera brands when you lay your hands on them. Don't miss reading lomography konstruktor review!

So, on the score of personal preference, I have stopped using this brand but I know an old photography buff that refused to let go of his N75 and has continued its use to this day.

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