tips for film camera in 2021

Tips for Film Camera Beginners

In today’s digital and modern age, there are still some people who love doing things the old way. Just like anything else, that’s very much true for photography. With the world advancing every day, the face of photography has changed as digital photography has taken over. DSLRs are common and are found in everyone’s hands. Digital photography saves a lot of time and flexibility and enables people to take pictures anytime they want.

On the other hand, Analog photography or, more appropriately, film camera photography gets many audiences too. That’s because of the reason that more and more young people become interested in antiques every day. If you have not learned film camera photography, you have not learned photography. Taking a picture on film, developing, enhancing, and waiting for results is the ultimate experience that shows you the real face of photography.

Bets Tips for Film Camera Beginners

It might be difficult for beginners to understand just how it works, and they might be looking for tips for film camera beginners. In the following context, we will look at the tips for film camera beginners to make the process easy for them.

  • Choose the right camera
  • Familiarize yourself with the camera
  • Choose the right film
  • Take your camera out for a spin

Choose the right camera

Choosing the right is our first pick in the list of tips for film camera beginners, and that’s because of a strong reason. While choosing a camera, you need to consider the fact that it will teach you everything you will need in your future. An automatic camera can’t offer the flexibility you get with a manual camera.

After getting a manual camera, you will learn a lot when you will experiment with different ISO, aperture, exposure, and depth settings. Be sure to start with the simplest of formats like 35mm and learn whatever you can and then move on to complex options. By the way do you know who invented film camera?

Familiarize yourself with the camera

Every camera has unique settings and quality to offer, and every camera is different from any other. To familiarize yourself with it, you need to read the manual that comes with it. Don’t just read the manual but play with your camera and find out about the Hidden features. Do this with every camera you get to gain every little bit of experience and information you can. If you think you could learn more about it, there’s a vast sea of knowledge about everything on the internet.

Choose the right film

Getting the right surface to imprint your pictures on is as important as buying the camera itself. There are many options that you can choose from in the market. It is important to understand that every film has different sensitivity and color specifications. Because of that reason, every film will provide you with unique results.

Experiment with different films and choose what you think is the best match for your camera.

Take your camera out for a spin

Just sitting at home, learning about the camera will not give you the knowledge that you need. At some point, you will have to roam around and click some pictures to get a perfect idea. While learning to take pictures, don’t hesitate to waste the film as it will be a lot useful in the future. Fill the rolls with pictures by just shooting and nothing more. While shooting, don’t just point and shoot; see that you are doing justice with the film. Get the pictures developed and familiarize yourself with the film and camera settings. 

To get to know your camera, you will have to take many pictures and waste rolls of films. Play around with different settings, and you will get to know everything you need to gain perfection.

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