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Top Reasons Film Camera Photography Is So Popular In This Digital Age

When digital cameras first made their way to the market, a lot of people believed that film cameras would become extinct as there were no competition to them. Even though it has been more than 40 years since the first digital camera was launched, it has yet to take the place of and overtake the film Industry. As new and upgraded models of digital cameras began making their way to consumers, it could not quite reach the popularity of film cameras because they seem to be better options for ultimate professional photographers.

There are numerous reasons why professional photographers still choose film cameras over digital cameras. As you further read this article, you will get a glimpse of the beauty of film cameras even during the digital camera generation.

Film Cameras Make Each Shot Perfect

Some of the best photos captured were done by film cameras. The problem with digital images is that it is nearly impossible to shoot a perfect quality picture with a digital camera, whereas film cameras can take nearly a perfect quality picture that everyone will be pleased with.

When film cameras were the only fancy camera available, many people did not worry about having the perfect quality picture. However, looking back, film cameras were able to capture the most beautiful quality photos. The positive aspect of a digital camera is its ability to hold a countless number of photos. However, the quality of pictures that the digital camera has to offer shifted from what the film cameras were able to offer. Although digital cameras are more convenient, it will not produce the same quality pictures as film cameras.

Film Cameras Had Higher Dynamic Range

Surprisingly, HDR has been around almost as long as photography has been around. It was more acknowledged when digital photography came to light and various other software were launched. Film cameras provided us everything to satisfy our photography needs, but we had very little knowledge about them. Digital cameras had the ability to edit and crop images, which fascinated all photography fanatics.

No Need for Electricity – Really

Film cameras do not need electrical power in order to function. From the very beginning to the end, there is no need for power. Even when you get the negatives and make prints, you will not need any power. This may be a pleasant surprise for millennials who are surrounded by electronics. That always needs an electrical outlet to charge their phones or cameras.

There is something really unique and satisfying when working with a film camera. You will be able to work alone and create beautiful pictures in a dark room without having to rely on anyone. This aspect is what attracts film photographers and it really sets apart from digital photography.

The Biggest of All – The Element of Surprise

When photos are taken with a digital camera, you miss out on the having to snap each photos with precision. And the wait to develop those pictures. Getting to see your photos as a surprise after you take the picture has its special surprise that awaits for you. The joys of seeing years old pictures in albums and remembering when they were taken is something that today’s generation will not be able to experience with their digital cameras.

Film Camera Photography Gives Power of Creation

While many people might not agree with this, professional photographers may argue that film cameras give a power of creation. You may need to find the perfect angle, with the proper light and focus necessary and then snapping the perfect photo. Not only do they need the perfect setup for their desired picture, but the photographers are able to bring out their creativity and power in order to make a perfect photo.

This can only be achieved with a film camera because digital cameras are too advanced. Where all the creative editing can be done on the computer. Many photographers are opposed to this idea because they do not get to explore. And create these images on their own, solely with their device.

Film Camera Photography Gives Room for Experimentation

With film cameras, photographers have a lot of room for experimentation as there are lots of models and every model has something new and something better. It is up to the photographer to see what type of pictures or shots interest him or her. And how they should plan their pictures to work the best way and achieve the desired results in photography.

Film Camera Photography Is Real

The best thing about using a film camera is that the pictures you get are realistic. This is something that most photographers will understand and appreciate. With digital photography, it is easy; we simply store pictures in the device. However, film cameras force you to develop these photos in prints, and it allows you to cherish these memories for a lifetime. The fact that film cameras make tangible photos makes photographers. And also many others appreciate photography more in comparison to using a digital camera.

It Ends the Megapixel Race

The best thing about film cameras is that you do not need to focus on the megapixels. When purchasing a digital camera or a smartphone with a camera. People are mainly focused on how the megapixels the camera offers. There are many other aspects of the camera to consider rather than only fixating on the megapixel specification.

On the other hand, with film cameras, you will be able to get the best quality picture without having to know what megapixel the camera is capable of. In order to obtain such a sharp and high-quality picture, you will need to set those settings on your device.

Having to work for your high-quality image allows you to appreciate photography more and cherish those images forever.

There are numerous reasons why film camera photography is still far above digital photography. And why more professional photographers still prefer to take a shot with their old camera. Film photography gives them a sense of satisfaction and pride in creating beautiful photos. No matter how digital photography grows and how much it advances, film cameras will remain the preferred choice for photographers all over the world.

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