What Do You Do With An Old Camera?

As technology improved, many of us begin to shift away from old film-using cameras to digital cameras and phones. Majority of the people are utilizing their smartphones as a source of communication and as well as cameras and internet usage. However, that doesn’t mean those old cameras have become extinct. You may be able to dig up one or two old-fashioned cameras in your closet or in your attic.

In the spirit of spring cleaning, why not find those old cameras and revive them. There are different ways you can reuse them rather than throwing them away.

Donate It to a Charity

There are many charities that collect old film cameras and put them to good use. This is a great way to declutter your home space or donate the old cameras rather than putting them in the trash. This not only helps you clean out the boxes of old things sitting in your attic, but it can also benefit those charities to use the cameras for a good cause. Well, do you know which charities take old cameras?

Organizations such as The One Shot Project, NYC Salt, and The Film Photography Project are great places to donate your old camera. These organizations are able to utilize the old cameras to help children all over the world.

Sell It

Your old camera may not be worth a whole lot of dollars, but you may be able to sell them for few extra dollars. You can sell your old cameras at few pawn shops or consignment shops. If you have other accessories or lenses that are compatible with your camera, that will certainly add values to your camera.

On the other hand, you can also sell your camera on online marketplaces such as eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook.

Keep it as a Back-Up Option

In today’s generation, you may easily depend on your phone not only for communication but to cherish your special moments with your phone camera. There are also many people who use their digital cameras. However, it is nice to have a backup option to store your photos. That way, if your phone or your digital camera fails on you, you’ll be able to grab your backup camera and use it instantly.

If you’re choosing to save your old camera as a backup option, you may want to make sure that your camera still works. Otherwise, you may end up finding out that your camera is old and useless when you really need a backup camera.

Use It as a Teaching Method

For those who have young children, it is extremely difficult to teach them the concept of taking care of expensive items. Using an old film camera can be a great way to help teach them how to care for valuable items. Also, this will save you from having to damage or lose your nice phone or camera.

A younger child can have a lot of fun with an old film camera, and it’s something they can use to show you that they are capable of taking care of expensive items. Not to mention, if they do happen to break or lose them, then you won’t be losing much or have to worry about replacing them immediately.

Use It

While the film might feel like an ancient, outdated method compared to your digital camera, it can be nice to step back into the old times and use an old fashion camera. Some users may even emphasize that film cameras have vintage quality photos that cannot be replicated with modern-day digital cameras.

Do you remember the photo albums that your parents or grandparents kept around, and pulled out whenever you went over to their house? I’m sure it was nice to relive some of the old memories with your grandparents. This tradition may something you can continue for the next generation in your family. Many people will agree that sharing a family photo album with your loved ones is much more meaningful and personal than posting pictures on social media and waiting to see how many like you get on those pictures.

Consider Donating It to a School

Schools can often be in need of donations in order to teach their classes effectively. If teachers and staff need to use cameras as part of their teaching, they may appreciate the gift of a working camera. Also, there are times when photography classes or groups such as student council, who would appreciate having a camera for their classes or groups.

This is another great way to use your old camera to good use for your local school rather than getting rid of them not knowing the destination. Be sure to check in with the local schools around you to see if they are in need of cameras. If not, you can choose a different option to use your old camera.

Give It to a Friend

If you have a friend or a family member who has an interest in photography, then they may be interested in making use of your old camera. Especially if your camera is a higher quality camera with lenses and other accessories, then they will really seek after your camera.
Before you toss that old camera into the trash, check around and see if you can make use out of it. You may not necessarily make any money from it, but it will feel good knowing that someone you know is making a good use of them.

Give It to a Thrift Store

Another option you have would be to donate the camera to a thrift store like Goodwill or perhaps a more local option. This isn’t an option that will give you money in return, but you may feel better knowing that you’re giving someone else an opportunity to bring your old device into action.

If you choose a local option, you can also feel good about helping a local business by providing them with something to sell. Many small business owners will appreciate a solid, working device that can help to keep their company going strong.


Before you throw your old film camera away, it’s a good idea to consider some better options that can allow your camera to be put to good use rather than taking up in a landfill. Donating, selling, or giving away the camera will always be a better option than throwing it away.

So, take some time to look through this list and carefully choose the best option for you and your camera. Then, you may even be satisfied with the fact that your camera is still serving someone a good purpose.

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