do you know which charities take old cameras

Which Charities Take Old Cameras?

Are you the one who is typing about “Which Charities take old Cameras” Or “Sell old Cameras” online? If yes, then you have come to the right place. We understand that an old camera or lens is occupying the space on your closet or shelf. Therefore, you don’t want to take it anymore. So, what are the options should you consider for the old cameras or lens? That’s what we are going to tell you in the entire article.

List of Ideas About What to do with the Old Cameras & Which Charities Take Old Cameras

  • Donate to Schools
  • Sell Offline
  • Sell Online
  • Donate Charities
  • Repurpose
  • Giveaway

Donate to Schools

One of the best options for you is to donate your old cameras to some school for a Good Cause. You can type about “Which charities take old cameras for school”. It will show you a tremendous amount of options online to select.

Whether you want to donate it to a school globally or a local charity school? You will quickly get the details about it. However, you have to verify the charity school. For that, you can consider various information available about them online. You can consider their verification by contacting your friends or family members who are associated with or have knowledge about reliable charity schools.

Other than that, it’s also an excellent option to donate the old camera to schools because it will help them to learn anything about photography. It will be beneficial for both school management and the students to do anything with the old camera. They can learn the techniques of taking photographs and can continue it as a full-time profession. Else, it would also benefit them to use the camera for various functions and activities that happen in the school. To learn more about film cameras visit tips for film camera beginners.

Sell Offline

There will be a lot of local camera dealers who have a lot of interest to buy old cameras from the peoples. You can sell the old cameras to them as well. The best part is that it could bring an extra amount in your pocket if you are running out of cash.

To find them, you could quickly write about the local shops available in your town that deals with the old camera selling and buying procedures. Moreover, analyzing them online will help you to go with the one that has positive reviews and a fair market value in your town or region.

The pro-tip is to take the old cameras to all of them and ask for the quotations. Based on the excellent selling rates, you can quickly get a considerable amount of money for the old cameras.

Sell The Camera to an Online Business

Online selling and purchasing or e-commerce already have a boom in the industry. Due to COVID-19 situations, people are more into buying or selling online. You can leverage the opportunity for your old camera in these circumstances.

You can type about the registered online business of your region or country where the buyer is interested in purchasing old cameras. It’s good to consider such websites, so you don’t have to deal with the peer-to-peer platforms.

Apart from that, such online platforms also give you Instant Quote convenience along with free shipping services. So, you can quickly sell the old cameras at reasonable rates without any need to pay the shipping cost.

Donate Charities

After a few hours of research online, you can get information about which charities take old cameras very quickly. It’s also a good reason to donate the old camera to such charities because they intended to work specifically in the field of photography and related stuff.

Donating them would help charities to prepare various content that will be beneficial for students and teachers who are studying and teaching in Charity schools. It will also help them to learn anything new about it.

Apart from that, Charities also use the same cameras to host various story-telling and photography contests. It’s like unique activities that bring motivation, innovate skills, and add intellectual thinking to the student’s mind.

Which charities take old cameras and are reliable? These are some of the most common questions that might come into your mind. Therefore, you have to undergo thorough research on the available charities. You can also take the help of experienced persons who do know about the legit charities available.


Repurposing your old camera is another fantastic idea to improve your skills or innovate something new. It’s always good to have a shinier, faster, and more unique camera because it decreases the value of the old camera that you have used for various tasks.

However, you can take advantage of the same old cameras to do things out of the box. You can combine them to perform infrared photography or making your homemade lens. It’s a good idea to perform such things as it will be a fun thing for you to experience or try.


Let say you are running a Channel on YouTube that teaches about photography and filming; it’s a good idea to give away the product to a more deserving follower or learner. Think of it in the way to transform your knowledge and tool to someone so that they could create opportunities in their life.

Sharing is caring; it’s an idiom that holds a lot of importance. If you are not in the mood for charity or selling the camera, the giveaway is also a good option you could do with the old cameras. Also visit our article about what can you do with old film camera.

Besides that, you can also gain more views and subscribers with the same giveaway approach. You can post a giveaway contest on your YouTube channel where the person who brings more followers will get the camera at the end.

It’s the right way of marketing your YouTube channel for something better. Also, the subscriber would be happier to do it as you are returning them something back based on their efforts.

Bottom Line

In our opinion, the best thing to do with the old cameras is to give them to someone else who needs it. Therefore, you have various options like to donate it to the schools, charities, or someone deserving.

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