About Me

Film Camera Expert – Steven Haley (Founder)

Ever since a young boy, Steven, loved his film camera. He used Canon AE-1 for a very long time. He loved this camera because his dad got it for him as a graduation gift on his 8th grade graduation day.

Now, he enjoys taking photos in his spare time and he is an enthusiastic advocate of film cameras. He wants to share his thoughts and opinions on different types of film cameras. He likes meeting film camera photographers and learning new features and settings of different cameras.

He created filmcameraexpert.com to give camera enthusiasts information about modern and aged film cameras. He wants to provide them advice on how to use the film camera the best way and covers a wide range of camera brands.

Steven’s hobby is going camping, working out, and spending time with his family. He and his wife, Julie, have one beautiful daughter.

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