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Anyone keen on acquiring the best film camera will no doubt have to grapple with a range of choices, but as you will find in other spheres of life sometimes, other reasons will come to the fore to influence your pick. Some photographers take a film camera over a digital camera because they get that prints made images. They love printing them and hanging on their walls. Many experienced photographers, like me, will limit their choice to either the Rangefinder camera or the single lens reflex brand of 35mm configuration.

While the rangefinder is difficult for newbies to grapple with, the SLR comes with a couple of functionalities that makes it a placeholder with newbies and old war horses. The automatic and manual components for setting controls make the best film camera selection a narrow field for SLR designs, as they have pride of place in functionality and configuration. Ease of aperture setting, exposure control, and the prevalence of recommended settings stands out as preferred features.

Desiring pitch-perfect picture outcomes is not enough, as you need to have in place equipment that is sure to make this possible for you.

Soft-look and vibrant outcomes are the hallmarks of the best film camera range and you will appreciate this when you look at the defining features that are sometimes overlapping on this select brands of SLR and 35 mm basic platform gadgets that will blow you away with the superior performance.

Consider that you have an image to capture in motion and while you try to make out the outline, the camera provides you a frame for the perfect fit.

These are some of the functionalities that you will enjoy if you have one of these brands of best film cameras with SLR and a 35 mm configuration in your possession.

You also have a chance to be alerted that your film count is low and you should be ready to make a refill with a beep and this sets you on the alert. Here are some clear positives found in the Best Film Camera:

  • An innovation that eclipses the parallax view making it possible to see images as clear as the lens view. There is no gap here between the viewfinder position and the eventual capture.
  • A total elimination of the need for camera lens adjustment as a result of optimized controls.
  • Light entry via 2 in-built angular mirrors refraction, viewfinder, and lens.
  • The film gets light exposure through the lens when a photograph is taken as a result of the flip-up of the mirrors.
  • There is a constant light-tight mode as the shutter stays closed except when there is a release of the shutter button.
  • The 35mm SLR presents with interchangeable lens operation which is a standout feature that experienced hands love.
  • Most of the brands on the best film camera range have compatible features on account of the lens mount operational front.

Side-by-Side Comparison: 35mm Camera & Beyond

Minolta X-370 Film Camera With A Standard 50mm f/1.7 Lens

Nikon N75 35mm Film SLR Camera Kit with 28-80mm f3.5-5.6 Nikkor Lens

Canon EOS Rebel 2000 35mm Film SLR Camera Kit with 28-80mm Lens

Lomography Konstruktor F - Children Science Kits (Photography, Black, Plastic)


Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera - Ice Blue

Great Wall 35mm PF-1 Hipstermatic SLR Camera

Lomography Diana Mini- 35mm Camera

Konica Minolta Maxxum 300si Film Camera

Pentax K1000 Manual Focus SLR Film Camera with Pentax 50mm Lens


Polaroid 300 Instant Camera (Blue)

Review of the Top 5 Best Film & Instant Film Cameras

Minolta X-370 Film Camera with a Standard 50mm f/1.7 Lens

The Minolta X-370 comes with some features that make it a gadget of choice for many photographers. It presents an aesthetic design that is attractive along with a feeling that I consider being magnetic.  Its shutter speed is open to your choice of wavelength and can be as fast as 1/1000 of a measured second.

This camera is both MC and MD lens mount compatible so that you are at liberty to use lens size of your preference.

The Minolta X-370 is a camera that lasts through the seasons and is one that anyone who wants his money’s worth would consider buying.  A range of available spares makes it easy to maintain so that any part that gets worn out or damaged can be replaced with no fuss. For adventure photographers, that it gives you excellent motion images is an edge that endears it to many on the field.

A good buy if you want a mix of uses for your camera at any time and on your terms. 


  • An add-on to theX370 is a 50mm kit that is yours as you buy this Minolta camera.
  • A perfect equipment to enable you to freeze still or in-motion images with ease.
  • It is compatible with MD Rokkor lens.
  • The shutters are electronic.
  • The accessories include batteries and a strap.
  • Gives you the leverage to work with the lens size of your choice whether big or small.
  • No need to go in search of mounts as they come with the package.
  • Image snaps can be made in an automated fashion within 10 seconds using the self-timer
  • Allows you to photograph images when no photographer is around with the inbuilt elements.


  • The battery –life is a source of concern.
  • A bit heavier than options and this scales it against the females who see it as a burden to carry.


The SLR feature found in this Minolta camera is a definite edge that draws a number of buyers, as it is not easy to ignore. Along with the shutter speed which is open to you to maneuver, the MD and MC mounts are such that also give you the ability to use the lens of your choice as occasion might demand.

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Nikon N75 35mm Film SLR Camera Kit with 28-80mm f3.5-5.6 Nikkor Lens

The Nikon N75 has a lens of rotary design and you need to tweak its aperture when you have it in use. Adjusting the filters for the right focus points is a routine with this camera and with its slow AF; it has some of the most annoying features among the lot on this pick of best film cameras.

The light flare that accompanies its use during daytime is something to take note of as you use the N75. Its compact frame makes it portable along with its enhanced versatility.

Its automated mode presents 5 usage parallels and you can use these grids when you desire. Added to the autofocus capability, the N75 has some notable selling points. 


  • You can be in charge of the image capturing process.
  • Possess an inbuilt flash which is a definite edge.
  • A 25-point metering which is anchored on 3D technology.
  • Simulated modes and automated 5-program functionality.
  • Image output is sharper based on 5-area dimension.
  • Has a 28-80mm Nikkor lens in the package and it is f3.5-3.6 configured.
  • The 3D matrix metering gives superior exposure outcomes.


  • You might need a bag to carry it around.
  • Light interferences when shooting the day is a drawback.


The Nikon N75 package has a Nikkor lens in it and with SLR capabilities. It presents some attraction to photography practitioners. A 5 grid feature enhances autofocus and allows you play with points of interest with less fuss. The N75 comes with a blinking feature that goes off twice to alert you if the film is not in proper position and also when your camera has only 5 films left unused.

Starters have a good place, to begin with by owning this camera, which is a hands-on gadget that gives you a good walk-through on basic photography tips. Some might see it as clumsy but when you successfully get the hang of this camera, then you can approach other brands with a measure of confidence.

The N75 can become addictive to the old hand who gets used to make the best use of it, as I experienced for a long time. Sure to give you a value for your money’s worth, you can continue your N75 voyage by clicking on the link below for more facts and details:

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Canon EOS Rebel 2000 35mm Film SLR Camera Kit with 28-80mm Lens

If you are admiring photographs of professional quality, then their chances are that a Canon Rebel EOS could be responsible for them. This camera comes with 35mm configuration and as an SLR; it is a good match for a beginner as well as an experienced hand.

A newbie will enjoy using it, as it comes with high aperture features and shutter speed control knobs. I have a good evaluation of this device like many professional hands would as a result of a number of operational edges that it confers on the user. The versatile lens compatibility feature means that you can mount it with any lens of your choice.

The 7-point autofocus selection system makes it a high rated gadget. That you are able to manually set user features makes it easy to adapt to your preference. Quite a device you would love to own! 


  • The flash is retractable and as a built-in feature, it is convenient.
  • Runs on full SLR functionality.
  • AF is fast and it is optimized for quiet operation.
  • An autofocus system that is 7-point selectable.
  • 35mm metering functionality and methodology.
  • High-speed functions with Speedlites-compatibility on the EX-series.
  • 10 shooting modes which have an in-depth field preview functions.
  • A creative controls platform that optimizes multiple exposures, AE lock, and Exposure Bracketing.


This camera is encased in a plastic housing and is delicate to handle. This makes it a short-span gadget for many people.


The Rebel 2000 operates a 3-meter mode mechanism that provides you with a range to explore with a shooting edge you can get creative with as you go on photographic adventures. The auto-bracketing mode with its multi-exposure edge is a value-added effect that any photographer will appreciate.

You have the platform to explore your creative bent with this camera as it gives a balance to your exposure threshold. The metering position is open to you to work around when you find yourself in a tricky light setting and the 2 full stops mode is a compliment here. The pop-up flash found in this camera is built-in with the option of adding a flash to the empty second unit if you so desire to complete the lighting razzmatazz that this Rebel brand offers.

There is more to find out if you head over to this link:

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Lomography Konstruktor Do-It-Yourself 35mm Film SLR Camera Kit - Includes All Components for Construction

The Konstruktor runs on 35mm film framework with the advantage of an SLR configuration that presents you a near- timeless phenomenon. This pick on the list of Best film camera is optimized to shoot vibrant pictures and if you are looking for sharp outcomes in your photography, you need to gaze in its direction.

The Konstructor F presents a real deal for people who are keen on DIY roles and you will get a firsthand experience on the nitty-gritty of photographic interactions if you decide to grab the Konstructor-F package.


  • A ready chance to build your film camera of 35mm configuration.
  • All the construction components you need are on the package.
  • The lens is detachable and is configured to 50mm f/10.
  • Can be manually controlled by exposure and focus functions.
  • Colorful stickers are available for perfect exterior customization.


  • It does not come with a lens cover and you might have to get one from similar 35mm brands.
  • The screws can get out of place and rip as you try to fit them into position although the presence of other screw sets on the package makes this bearable.
  • You need to get sandpaper in order to smooth out the rough edges you will find on the excess when you complete the assembling process.


DIY lovers have a good experience in store with the Konstruktor F and anyone with a knack for analog photography will treasure the ground it offers. This camera comes with the 35mm mechanism, along with an SLR configuration. You have the added advantage of a PC plug to connect with under flash photo moments. The Konstructor F offers a hands-on tutorial that will get you riveted for some hours if you take up the challenge.

The process of putting together the camera can be a lot time-consuming but if you have time on your hands, or you don’t mind giving it out to others to put together for you, you can then accept the buy-prospects. It has undoubtedly disruptive shooting dimensions that need you to have a steady grip so that your films can be productive and not get wasted.

Beyond this, you can be sure you have a camera for keeps with the Konstructor F.

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Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Film Camera

The Instax Mini from Fujifilm is a retro-look ambassador that fits the bill for the Instagram craze of the present day and for those with pop culture following, here is a fitting gadget. Built with a slim look and lightness in mind, it is a device with a high key innovation, which is a portrait enhancing feature.

The Instax gives you a feel of the Instax mini-series of old although it comes redefined with design elements that catch the eye. It comes with a flashing element which helps the user get the right dimensions for the desired photograph.


  • Ergonomic look that presents a slimmer built.
  • Automated functionality for exposure measurement.
  • LED flashing that guides the user to the recommended aperture setting.
  • Portrait enhancement with the innovative high-key feature.
  • An optimized viewfinder that produces clear and visible outlines for excellent photographs.


  1. Does poorly under dim lighting conditions as a result of its flash design limitations. Indoor photography is no use for the Instax on this score except you don’t mind the poor outcome.
  2. A wrist strap might do you a lot of good to hold this fragile camera and prevent it from falling off.


The exposure mechanism that comes with the Instax makes it a gadget to consider buying for your photography endeavors. The aperture tweaking prompt, which gives you a lead to make the desired adjustments is a worthy feature and though this is automatic, the manual controls are also fully activated on this camera.

That the Instax was designed to be attractive is not in doubt, as it has a mass that is 10 percent lesser than its forerunner.

The viewfinder provides clarity and greater visibility, as you freeze your images for admiration and other purposes. On the durability count, I remember that when I used the Instax for a season, it once slipped off my grip and when it fell, the film flew out on impact.

However, it was not damaged and I was able to use it as desired. Others might not be as lucky as the degree of impact when it falls, determines how bad it can get damaged or disrupted. Apart from the observations on its fragile built, its optimized viewfinder and LED flash for guidance provide you some reasons to consider for owning an Instax from the stables of Fujifilm.

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