Lomography Konstruktor Review

The Lomography Konstruktor is one gadget that the inventors designed as a project for fiddly hands that love the DIY experience. It comes with a component that makes it easy to assemble your camera as you desire.

You will find a manual as well as a screwdriver to enable you to come up with your camera in full use in the space of maybe two hours, if you know what to do.

In my first experience, I fiddled with it for three hours and could not get it right. When I got the hang of it, I was able to assemble one in three hours successfully. When you get hold of the package of this Konstruktor, you will be well placed to understand the analog photography layers of interest. You will be able to appreciate what goes on within the camera as you resize, adjust, and modify it for decent shots that you desire. The fact that this is an SLR camera makes the fun more robust!


If you are an intuitive person like me, then you can override a lack of experience to try your hands on this DIY experience. Putting together the lens perhaps stands out as the intricate step as any wrong placement means you need to restart the process by taking it apart. This can be trying for a newbie, but it is an immersion into the world of photography with no shortcuts. You will find it intriguing and time-consuming.


Here are some features that stand out with the Konstruktor F:

  • A platter to have a self-built 35mm Film Camera.
  • Required construction components come with the package.
  • The detachable lens has a fixed aperture and is 50mm f/10 configured.
  • The viewfinder is at waist-level and is hooded.
  • It comes with an exposure control and focusing that is controlled manually.
  • Multi-exposure and bulb settings.
  • You can perfect your exterior customization with colorful sticker sets.


  • The Lomography Konstruktor reminds one of the nostalgic blasts of yesteryears although its 35mm film SLR configuration is almost a timeless phenomenon. Lomography has a range of toy cameras that if you are used to, probably can open the pathway for an easy ride as you go on to assemble the Konstruktor.
  • Your ability to shoot sharp and obviously vibrant, sharp pictures will get a boost as you work the routines. The Konstructor F gives you a chance to enjoy the nitty-gritty of the camera working process which in itself is an exciting prospect for any DIY disciple. You might not want to lose out in the opening to take your creativity to new heights with this camera brand.


  • The absence of a lens cover for the Konstruktor F is a drawback. I re-jigged a wide lens from a Holga brand along with its lens cover to get past this on my gadget. This is the easiest bit I could give a thought to, as I explored what option to use. You can do the same if you search for a Holga at the stores.
  • DIY processes often get stuck at some points and the Konstruktor F could present you nagging points.
  • Getting the screws into position can be a real ache and if you are not tactful, you could end up with a few stripped heads. That there are extra screws in the pack makes this bearable if you hit the wrong patch in the process.
  • Unless you have a sandpaper to fine-tune some rough edges you could end up with some unwanted excesses after assemblage. Mind you, you have to fetch sandpaper from the household department at the stores, as it does not come with the camera package.


The experience of assembling the Konstruktor F is a perfect fit for DIY lovers, as well as everyone who seeks to understand the analog photographic process. The Konstruktor functions on the SLR configuration with a 35mm built. It comes with a PC plug-in that can help on a flash photo binge.

It is no doubt a hands-on camera you will find captivating. If you are caught in on a rainy weekend, you can resort to assembling the Konstruktor F on your terms. The shooting experience can be disappointing and if you have no steady grip, your pictures won’t come out right! So what you think about nikon n75 slr camera?

This will mean wasted films, bland exposures and probably a dumping on the bookshelf. For photography and hands-on buffs, the Konstruktor F is a worthy experience to go along with, as your knowledge of the art will deepen when you succeed at assembling this SLR film camera. You should head over to Amazon to see more aspects of Konstruktor F as you decide if the DIY adventure is for you or not.

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