best film cameras for beginners in 2021 reviews

Best Film Cameras for Beginners in 2021

Best film cameras for beginners in 2021 - this is our topic today. Many of you might get to know about film cameras, even in the current time of the digital cameras race. There would be no doubt that you may need it for various reasons. So, we will never argue or show any concern about your preferences.

However, it’s good to know about all the top ones in the market worth it for anyone. As a beginner, you could get to neat your hands in the film cameras so later you would buy the digital ones for several reasons.

The sad part is that you need to do lots of research to find the ideal film camera that can beat even in 2021. Due to the same reasons, you might not try to do the research process on your own. Therefore, you will end up buying the one that will not cover all your requirements. For that, we have taken all the responsibilities on our shoulders and did thorough research. Based on that research, we have narrowed down the best film cameras for beginners in 2021.

 You will be delighted to hear that you will already find the best beginner film camera for yourself after reading this article.

List of Best Film Cameras for Beginners in 2021:

  • Canon EOS-650
  • Leica M10
  • Pentax k1000
  • Fuji GW690
  • Nikon F6

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Canon eos-650

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pentax k1000

Fuji gw690

nikon f6

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Best Film Cameras for Beginners in 2021 Reviews

Canon EOS-650

Canon is one of the best brands when it comes to reliable cameras in the market. If we talk about their film cameras, so Canon EOS-650 is the one that you should purchase in 2021.

First of all, the continuous AF and manual Controls over its full-HD movies are among the best features of this camera. Due to these reasons, you can easily make good quality videos in both manual and auto mode.

Apart from that, the camera provides you 18.0 MP, including a CMOS sensor. Moreover, it comes with an amazing ISO range of 100-12,800, which you could also extend to almost 25,600. It has a very good FPS shooting speed, which is not easier to find in any other film camera.

In short, it’s one of the best film cameras for beginners in 2021 that you need to consider. That’s why we have also listed at the top.

Leica M10

Leica was one of the best companies to produce digital imaging cameras at affordable prices and good quality in the past. However, they have also grabbed a lot of popularity and name in the film Camera. IF we talk about the Leica M10, it’s one of the best film cameras you could consider in 2021.

Why? Because of the quality of the lenses and the camera is outstanding for beginners. However, you need to understand that nothing will be automatic in this camera regarding its features or performance. You have to manually do all the things, such as focus, aperture, shutter speed, and many more.

The reason we have preferred you this camera for filming is also relevant to its manual functioning. You have the opportunity to perform all the functions manually to understand the working process. Therefore, it will become easier for you to clean your hands on the camera and later buy some advanced cameras for filming.

Pentax K1000

The Pentax k1000 is another amazing consideration for you for the film camera needs as a beginner in 2021. This camera's File format is 35mm; however, it’s considered an SLR type camera in the market.

Back in 1976, the camera was first introduced in the market. Therefore, you will not get a brand new one at the current time. But, the used cameras are also worth it to use in 2021. Also known as vintage pentax film camera. The best part is that it’s made specifically for beginners who want to neat their filming and photo skills.

The best part is that it’s one of the cheapest cameras in the category of Pentax. Moreover, you will also get a field preview and self-time feature in this camera.

Some other camera features are the manual functions and the mechanical shutter that doesn’t require a battery to operate. Moreover, it has been produced with a durable and simple approach. Finally, the Pentax K mount is Lens' type used in this camera, and it comes with an Optical TTL Viewfinder.

Fuji GW690

Fuji is the camera brand, which is not the preferable one at the current time due to major other competitors already rising in the market. However, it doesn’t mean that they are not enough for handling the film camera needs in 2021 for you.

Fuji GW690 is the film camera type that was introduced in 1978 to the market. However, it still has a considerable amount of popularity and value among camera users. First, it comes with a Fixed lens type and a 120/220 film format support.

If we talk about its viewfinder, so you would get I as a direct vision. Yeah, the ones that you tend to use or see in your childhood. Luckily, all of its modes are manual; therefore, it will be a good thing to use for learning a lot as a beginner.

Few other amazing things about this camera are the 6 x 9cm images support, which is pretty huge. Apart from that, the camera would be a portable option for you. Although it’s still expensive, you will have the most out of this camera that you may never consider before.

Nikon F6

Nikon is a camera brand that has a lot of customer markup and popularity in the current market. If we talk about their Film Cameras, the Nikon f6 would be the one you need to consider as a beginner filming camera.

It comes with a 35mm File Format along with Nikon F mount Lens support. Moreover, this model was introduced back in 2004, but you could still get new or used cameras in the market. The camera does provide you exposure modes of PASM along with a body of Aluminum. Therefore, it will become a handy camera with top-notch damage resistance property.


Digital Cameras value are higher in the current times, however, many of you might also need to stick with the film cameras that tends to be used in the older times. Although its older, but you can learn a lot from these cameras in the beginning.

However, you should go with the film cameras that must provide you the better options to fulfill all your needs. However, the sad part is that very few are available in the market and you need to select the right one for yourself.

For that, the thorough research process is mandatory for everyone. But, we have taken all the responsibilities on your behalf and narrowed down the list after a hectic research process. All you need is to check the five best film cameras that we have mentioned in the above portion.

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