Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Film Camera

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Film Camera Review

Quick Overview





  • Lightweight and slim look
  • Automatic controls for exposure measurement
  • Prompts user to follow recommended aperture setting with LED flashing
  • Enhanced portraits
  • Optimized viewfinder


  • Not durable
  • Poor flash

The Instax Mini is seen as a modern improvement on the old Polaroid camera and it comes across like a toy in its analog frame. Anyone who fancies the retro picture rollback will see this Fujifilm camera as one fun gadget to own.

Flip over to the social media age with the fixation on Snapchat and Instagram by millions of users across the globe. Having the Instax will surely be one way to latch on to this pop culture craze of image replication, posting, and exchange.



A case for ease of use is one selling point that is presented by the Instax and this goes along seamlessly with the fascinating design elements replicated in the Instax miniseries. The body comes slimmer and obviously lighter among the trail of enhancements made to the Instax’s new offering.

On the platform of size, the Mini 9 sheds about 10%  of the mass of the Mini 8 and this makes it easier to go around with (if you so desire). The viewfinder of the Instax has been tweaked to enhance visibility and give you greater clarity as you zoom to capture those images. 

The exposure measurement is automatic and the aperture recommended setting is signaled by a LED light flash. On the roll, you can decide to use the manual controls to adjust to the recommended settings as you get ready for your snaps. This enhances the user’s ability to have perfect photos any time it is a moment for that snap frenzy. You will have a soft look and brighter pictures on this score.


  • Reduced body mass for a lighter and slimmer look
  • Automatic controls for exposure measurement
  • Prompts user to follow recommended aperture setting with LED flashing
  • High-Key mode innovation that enhances portraits
  • Assured visibility and defined clarity with optimized viewfinder

Pros and Cons

  • The frailty of the camera requires that care is taken so it does not fall and cause the lens circle holder to fall off and render the camera inoperative. Although the lens circle can be made to snap back in its place, avoiding it falling off altogether is better.
  • Avoid snaps where there is poor lighting unless you are hard-pressed to freeze those moments for eternity. Indoor pictures are the worst hit, as the Instax lags behind on account of poor flash mechanism
  • To avoid getting photos with yellowish blanks, make sure that you attend to the dial. Always check to make sure it is turned on for best effects. Following the recommended setting is your best bet each time you desire a perfect snap.
  • For better outcomes, wear clothes with light colors so as to get the best mix with the camera flash. Dark clothes, on the other hand, give dark outlines especially if you are trying to capture images indoors. When this happens, your image will not be clear to view.
  • If you are looking at selfies, doing so under natural lighting is your best bet. Do not forget that the closer you are to the camera, the greater the likelihood that a whiter hue will crop up.
  • Using close-ups help you to get in more faces in a group photograph and eliminate the need to back up deeply from the focus. You can get more people in a photograph than you probably think with the Instax if you remember to do a horizontal view.

On the durability count, the camera is very frail and you will do yourself a favor if you get a wrist-strap for it to prevent it from falling so easily.


As far as the Instax is concerned, the exposure tweak makes it a worthy camera to own as it gives you automatic prompts which enable the aperture to get adjusted to suit the device’s recommendation. 

When it is time to go on the rolls, remember that you can deploy the manual controls such that you are on point with your image snaps. Check also canon eos rebel 2000 review to make a decision!

The size of the Instax is an attraction as it gives up about 10% of the previous version that was released immediately after its introduction. It has an optimized viewfinder which gives greater visibility and clarity as you go on image freeze moments. 

I remember once I didn’t have my wrist-strap on and when the camera flew out of my hold, the film fell off but luckily, nothing was damaged and I picked it up with its functionalities still in place. 

However, not all have been that lucky as a few have said they lost the camera once it fell to the ground. I guess how it falls could be a factor here.

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